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Since 1994

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Deck Design and Construction

When homeowners want to enhance their living areas, they often look to upgrade their decks and porches. That’s because your house’s deck is the best place to entertain friends and family and enjoy those Canadian summers. Whether you’re interested in a rooftop or backyard deck, a summertime retreat or a year-round escape, our team can help. Call us today to discuss your project.

Fence Design and Construction

Adding a fence to your home can make your property more attractive and add some much needed privacy for you and your family. At Forest Grove Construction, we build fences to our clients’ unique specifications. Whether you’re looking for a standard barrier or something more unique, our team can help. Give us a call to discuss your ideas and how we can make them a reality.

Pergola Design and Construction

Want to enhance your backyard space or garden area? Nothing does the trick like custom latticework or a pergola. Latticework is an attractive design created by interlacing strips of wood. A pergola is an open outdoor structure supporting a roof of cross beams or lattice. Both add a note of refinement and class – contact us today to take the first steps to beautifying your backyard.

Gate Design and Construction

Your backyard gate is the entryway to your private sanctum, the first thing your friends and family will see when they come by for a summertime visit. Make a statement with your gate – reach out today to discuss the first impression you’d like to impart on your visitors. Our team can help turn your gate ideas into an attractive, sturdy reality.

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